COLORATISSIMO MEGABAZAR is a deranged journey into 80s italian commercial broadcasters and their fuzzy
memories: family christmas programs, late night softporn shows, new romantic bumpers, glowing ads,
hallucinatory jingles, twisted idents, cathodic fantasies gone wrong? All contents and clips are
sampled from 1980-1987 Italian TV. Music and dust by Cadeo.

A duo with an uncertain geographical origin, but whose headquarters is settled in Cologno Monzese (Milan)
inside the fairy Palazzo dei Cigni, Cadeo is a mysterious audiovisual project born in 2009 as a sort
of cunning and enchanted exploration of the TV imaginary world of the 80s. Rhythms reduced to a
minimum and wild arpeggios are the soundtrack for a mosaic made up of quotes coming from the
commercial television and Milan nightlife in the 80s, all captured in an old dusty VHS. Pop refrains
and sparkling jingles alternate with a catabasis towards frozen abysses, old advertisements and soft-porn
winkings become more and more a nightmarish loop??

info: info@rawraw.it